One of the most significant lures for cybercriminals is the unsecured exchange of business-critical data. Therefore, modern companies transfer their daily operations and complex business transactions into virtual data rooms. So, how secure and reliable is the platform? Here is more about it.

Business security: how to protect your data and assets?

COVID-19 has affected all aspects of personal and professional life and has led to changes in organizations’ approaches to security. Millions of workers now access corporate networks or cloud resources via home Wi-Fi, IT professionals troubleshoot mission-critical systems remotely, and supply chains are changing and digitizing. Many employees stay at home, communicating with colleagues using teleconferencing and video conferencing software, and attacks on these services will continue to be a problem.

The “surface” of external attacks is growing rapidly due to two common factors:

  • the number of IT connections with third parties – partners, suppliers, and service organizations – is increasing;
  • the variety of technical devices is increasing, and the use of public cloud infrastructure is growing in popularity. Two-thirds of organizations admit that they have experienced at least one cyberattack that began with an unknown, unmanaged, or poorly managed resource available over the Internet.

Protection against internal threats also requires an integrated approach. It is expressed in the development of appropriate information security policies, the introduction of a clear organizational structure of employees responsible for information security, document management, control and monitoring of users, and the introduction of advanced authentication mechanisms for access to information of varying degrees of importance. The degree of such protection depends on the objective needs of the organization to protect data.

Therefore, companies need a new approach to secure corporate data management. According to, a virtual data room (VDR) is the best alternative as this software combines all mentioned methods in a single secure fill-packed solution. Data rooms are ideal for working with clients from different time zones or sharing sensitive information with partners in other countries. Also, you can add or delete a team member or investor with just one click.

Digital data room: how to safeguard your business data?

The VDR software is intended to support companies in situations in which the data is essential internal information, and the security requirements are correspondingly high: in confidential projects such as mergers and acquisitions, in audits, in the protection of intellectual property, startups, or in collaboration between the management team. However, the secure provision of highly sensitive documents is also required in research & development, committee communication, decentralized project teams and project developers.

The VDR software offers the following capabilities to organize secure business workflows:

  • Consistent protection of confidential documents – right down to the desktop of the information recipient
  • Consistent and flexible protection of confidential e-mail content
  • Maximum security – strong authentication and encryption of data transmission and data storage
  • Protection against access by administrators and IT operators
  • Easy traceability of communication
  • Easy implementation of security categories
  • Fulfillment of compliance requirements through audit-proof logging of all actions possible
  • Integrated document management
  • The data room center concept includes central administration of all data rooms concerning enforcing compliance, security guidelines, and corporate design.

So, most companies use a data room to ensure a secure exchange of information and documents for confidential projects and transactions with external partners. You can access this page with your username and password if the software has been set up for the respective project.